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Tankmen: Incursion Tankmen: Incursion

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Lack of gameplay consideration

It's disappointing that so much apparent effort was made to make this game look good, and how bad it turned out.
It actually seems that you took steps to make the game more frustrating. If you ever had the thought "Wouldn't it be cool if the camera shifts the view erratically as the player tries to move?" the answer is no. No because what you have done makes the game unplayable without getting motion sickness. You can either take out the camera spasms entirely, or you can try to make it more manageable like in Super Smash Bros, but you can't leave it as is now.

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Thing-Thing 4 Thing-Thing 4

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A good, yet somewhat disappointing sequel.

I'm currently stuck on a particularly irksome level, so I'm taking the time to review this game!
While graphics, enemy types, and overall style has improved, a bunch of additions and changes just make Thing Thing 4 worse fall short of the deservingly high expectations the previous Thing Things left me with.
I'm by no means saying that this is bad, because it isn't. It's a good game, and at many times, fun. However, I can't help but have a Comic Book Guy moment and list the things that bother me.
The Bad:
- Blood splatter clouds up the screen so much that when your life is hanging by a thread, when you need most to see clearly, the blood makes for this annoyingly impossible. I understand how it's appropriate and realistic, but it's still irritating to die because you can't see.
- No more earning weapons: Earning weapons was a big part of the old games' replay value, I thought...
- The weapon exchange system is too quirky. Sometimes I want an assault rifle and end up exchanging it for a pistol that's on the ground next to it. Then I die.
- THE WAITING - There is absolutely no justification for this. If the door isn't open in the first place, is there any reason it would open minutes later of its own accord? I don't think so. A stupid door that's not open yet is not a good reason why I should battle a hellish onslaught. Either let me unlock it, blow it up, or (may poo have mercy if I have to,) solve a puzzle to get past it.
Despite the flaws, there are improvements I really appreciate.
The good:
- Better controls
- More options
- Not having to cycle through a bunch of old, useless weapons that it makes no sense to carry
- A more polished feel
- A more realistic balance between 3's dead-on weapon accuracy and 2's uncontrollable weapon recoil
Overall, I like Thing Thing 4. I only wish you'd have considered the changes more. Nevertheless, this is a cool addition to an awesome series, and I hope you continue to make more!

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Faith Fighter Faith Fighter

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I knew the boss would be Xenu from the start.

I like this game. The graphics were well conceived and the animation was good.
There are two problems that I wish could have been fixed, as the game would have been much better:
1. It is difficult to do moves that required key combinations like blocking, jumping, and special attacks.
2. It's to easy to beat the enemy just by repeatedy punching them.
Otherwise, I wasn't offended at all and would like to see more of this sort of fun religion parody game.

Coffee Shop Coffee Shop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good economics lesson

This game incorporates the principles of supply and demand, marginal utility, and profit/costs well. It can be used as a good example in teaching microeconomics.

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Dirty Dishes Dirty Dishes

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

How the hell do you scrub?

When it says, "SCRUB ME!" HOW DO YOU DO IT?! Better instructions would be nice.

flame862 responds:

Soooo sorry, by some dumb mistake, I didn't test it after I made the final changes. I fixed it, btw.

V-tech Rampage V-tech Rampage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well done!

I see that you've worked really hard on this, done your research, and put in a good deal of comedy. The jokes you make are simply hilarious for me because I've read Richard McBeef and Mr Brownstone. This guy deserves to be made fun of, and I'm glad you have the balls to do it.
People may be pissed at you, as they have every right to. But if you had made this a decade from now, the outrage wouldn't be a tenth as enormous. And the anger will pass regardless of what they think now. I personally think it's better that you've done this so soon, as the freshness is still not lost.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to eat my banana cereal bar now.

PiGPEN responds:

Cereal Bars FTW!

The Bar Pick-Up The Bar Pick-Up

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

No savepoints?

Think about user friendliness. Let us skip through the dialogue and cut scenes if we want. If you designed this aspect better, you would get a much better score.

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Jive Machine Jive Machine

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


10 for Lazytown, Wonderful Time, and What is Love.
-1 for not enough songs to choose from.

BlueHippo responds:


Neon 2 Neon 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Overall, pretty good

However, I am upset that you did not carry over the maneuverability or the rate of fire of the first Neon. I also wish that gun upgrades stack on top of one another, ie. triple attack + back shot = shoot 3 from front and 3 from back. The enemies were harder to hit due to the non-static environment that follows you. I wish you had taken these things into account. Otherwise, I have little else to bitch about. Good job.

varstudios responds:

The movement is exactly the same as in the first. The rate of fire had to be reduced a bit for speed issues.

You will get used to the scrolling, once you are good at it you will find it much better than when it wasnt scrolling.

Thanks for the comments and good score.

K-FED: Dancing with Fire K-FED: Dancing with Fire

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I can kill KFed without wasting Britney

Can you? It's a challenge, but it gives a different ending. The baby still dies, :-)
I gave the sound a 3 because KFed's voice is annoying and you can't turn down the music.
The bouncer is badass!